How do I cancel my subscription?

It is unfortunate to hear that you are leaving us. Find out below how to end your Cloudprinter subscriptions.

Not satisfied with our software or services? Please always first get in touch with our dedicated Customer Success team to find out how we can be of any better assistance! Our service just not for you? In that case, it seems best to end your Cloudprinter subscription.

Our subscription fees are always charged beforehand. That is, your subscription fee is charged on the first day of the subscription month. Note, this is not necessarily the 1st day of a calendar month, but rather the day you started your subscription. If you decided to unsubscribe, you can make use of your paid features for the remainder of the month that you already paid for. After this date, your account will be set to the Starter service level.

1. To unsubscribe, login to and go to Administrate

2. Go directly to Edit payment details.


3. In the box indicated by you will see when the next payment is due. If you click the red button at 2 - Cancel Payment - this payment will not be charged and your account will be set to the Starter service level at the indicated time and date. You will lose any additional features that you were using before.