WATCH BACK: Global print API webinar 5 November 2018

By Cloudprinter Blogger - November 06, 2018

Watch back the recordering of the latest webinar from 7 november 2018. In this webinar we covered the basic elements from our global print API for print buyers. From the challenges you might experience eceryday with print sourcing and routing up to integration and automated job sourcing solutions from our platform. 

Part 1 - Introduction: 

Part 2 - Challenges in global print sourcing: 

Part 3 - The global Print API solution for print buyers: 

Part 4 - Worldwide local printing: 

Part 5 - Manage productions worldwide: 

Part 6 - Easy to integrate: 

Part 7 - Connected apps to help print source automation: 

Part 8 - Products & templates: 

Part 9 - Our global print network: 

Part 10 - Quality control: 

Part 11 - The dashboard: 

Part 12 - Demo of the api dashboard: 

Part 13 - Cloudpublish: 

Part 14 - Subscriptions and ROI: 

Part 15 - Q&A session: 




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