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Shrink your global carbon footprint with


Environmental problems such as global warming and resource depletion cannot be resolved by the attempts of a single company. With the intention of resolving some print issues and making a bigger contribution to the reduction of CO2, Cloudprinter created a Print API solution. The global Print API enables print buyers to print locally in almost any country in the world instead of at one or two single points and then ship it around the world.


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Cloudprinter’s global network of print partners implies sending no more print products worldwide. With our cutting edge solution, your order will be routed to the most qualified print partner from 140+countries. The AI based routing takes in concern the delivery destination, cost and shipping time and performance of the connected print partners. Cloudprinter brings together brand management with the possibility to print locally. Our solution allows to route the jobs to the printer able to deliver where the product is needed. Cloudprinter integrates directly into the printer’s workflow and therefore is an advantage for both buyers and sellers.

Rather than printing everything centrally and then transporting around the world, once prints are ordered, the print job is automatically pushed to the most qualified connect print partners as near as possible of the final delivery address. This makes quick turnaround possible, excludes customs issues and lowers delivery distances, costs and immensely carbon emissions .

Disruptive new services like the Print API can enable a print-on-demand strategy. We, at, know that overruns are driven by current distribution and publication business models. Moreover, overruns are driven by the relatively high cost of printing short runs on print equipment. Our API solution contributes to the reduction of printouts and lowers the cost of short runs. But on top of all these rests the concern for global warming. Lower volumes of regular printing in the big organisation or little company will first and primary assist in cutting back on excess logging, decrease the demand for energy and emissions for production of paper.

Using Cloudprinter API solution not only helps customers streamline workflow and reduce costs in their offices. Moreover, it leads to a reduction of wasteful printouts and storage space and also less consumption of paper resources.

A roof covered with solar panels, all remaining power generated from renewable sources, a strong policy on recycling, the use of ecological ink, and an electric car for nearby deliveries and client visits… We have taken numerous measures to minimize our ecological footprint throughout the years. The print industry must also do its part to protect our climate. We are happy to be able to help people worldwide to reduce their CO2 emissions and stop over-ordering with our efficient and sustainable global print platform.


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